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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Story Starter

Set your timer for 5 minutes. No stopping, no editing, no deleting. If you hit a dead end, bulldoze through....

“It was many years ago in that dark, chaotic, unfathomable pool of time before . . .”


Ang said...

Oh boy, okay, focus and commit, haven't done this one in awhile, guess its time, =)!!!

Ang said...

It was many years ago in that dark, chaotic, unfathomable pool of time before college, but post motherhood and separation. . . what next?
"You can do this Amelia," her mom said into the phone. "Yes mom," Amelia smiled at her mom's usual words. She knew it truly was time, so she began the arduous task to move move her and her young son Benicio's entire life, minus soon to be ex-husband, back home to Indiana.
"Good bye Southern California," Amelia stressed as the plane took flight while Benicio asked a gazillion airplane questions, "I can do this. I will do this," Amelia surprisingly said outloud.
As expected, nothing much had changed in Indiana or with her folks, except, well, they'd aged a bit, Amelia accepted. Happily her folks eagerly embraced their grandparenting journey with Benicio. What a relief, grandparent only babysitting, Amelia thought as her and her mom walked arm in arm catching up, while her dad swung a happy Benicio into the air. "We're home buddy." Amelia tucked Benicio in his new Captains bed, a surprise grandparent gift . . . so it begins, Amelia chuckled.
Valparaiso University, the sign read as Amelia headed to her first class. Intense intellectual stimulation was just what the doctor ordered. A bad marriage, a bunch of labor intensive, mediocre, low paying jobs in a struggling military town, coupled with her basically being a married single parent, made for great appreciation of a second chance. She soaked up her college experience, reclaiming herself in more ways than she'd expected. Even her ex's words nasty words blurred, "You had a full academic scholarship, and you still want to go to college, oh well."
As often as possible, Amelia began to introduce Benicio to her preferred and very comfortable world, the world of academia. Her sophomore year, late 1980, Cobalt was her first business computer class. She had a wonderfully progressive computer professor, who suggested that whenever Benicio attended classes with her that she sit him on her lap so that he could be exposed to computers. As the weeks passed, one day for the entire class, the professor eventually placed Benicio at his own computer, declaring that one day he might make a living from computers. Fast forward, its official, Amelia's now very adult age son Benicio, like millions of others, is a very successful computer nerd, many times over! Okay, back on track, this is Amelia's story.

Ang said...


"Okay mom." Stressed, Amelia who with degree in hand, had no job prospects. Here it comes, Amelia thought, just as Lillian spewed, "Amelia you can do it." Amelia had heard these exact words since she was four years old learning to swim and dive at the CYO, along with attending an array of dance classes at a private dance studio. "Yes mom," Amelia reaffirmed.
First week post graduation, eighty individually typed (no home computers as of yet) cover letters and resumes mailed. Yes, five responses, that's correct, five responses, with only three viable opportunities, now down to two real offers. Mom, dad, Benicio, Amelia said as she held up her chosen offer letter, "Pizza Hut's excelerated Area Supervisor program, here I come!" Family hug, Benicio in her arms, happy congratulatory words and specifically from Lillian, "See Amelia, like I've always told you,"
"Yes mom," Amelia interrupted as she put Benicio down. "Guess I can finally put away my resume folders and clear my typewriter area." Looking back, satisfied that she hadn't missed anything, Amelia walked towards her bedroom.
"Mmmm, time to seriously think business suits." Amelia pushed her closet doors open.
Pizza Hust's training was grueling, and over 1 1/2 hours away, located in a Pizza Hut in Illinois. The drive didn't matter since like her folks, she too was a serious long distance driver. This also meant that her decision for her and Benicio to continue to live in Indiana with her folks for his stability was a given.
She was so impressed with her training regiment that Amelia's dream to bring her and her mom's family restaurant business to fruition quickly evolved into a can do, and Pizza Hut was going to help accomplish it.
Amelia was no longer daunted by the surprise that her ex was a deadbeat dad. She forged ahead with her new corporate middle management job in hand. Life looked a lot different . . . the life that she envisioned for her and Benicio was doable.
"Yes mom," Amelia whispered as she turned her company car into the parking lot of her second Pizza Hut that she'd planned to visit that day, "You were right, I can do it!" Stay tuned.

Barb said...

Wow, Ang, thanks so much for sharing!! It's good to see Amelia and Benicio on the page again. I'll look forward to more installments soon......