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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Sign Of Hope

Someone posted this video to Facebook this morning and unlike most mornings, I actually took the 5 minutes to watch it. I was glad I did. I watched it again this evening and was again struck by a sense of hopefulness. Maybe I'm just weird, but it seemed to be something without agenda, with only the purpose to share a love of music. People who might not ever get (or make) the opportunity to go see an orchestra, kids whose first exposure to classical music will be remembered in the same category as a parade (I'm guessing - but hey, play along with me, 'kay?). A sign of hope to bring classical music to the 'common' people instead of reserving it for formally dressed upper class with the price of admission. (Have I piled it on too thick yet?).
I know, there are hundreds of flash mob videos, and I have to admit that I watch most of the ones that come across my path. I'm sure someone will try crush my illusions with the argument that there is an agenda - if not monetary, then social, religious, or some other nefarious purpose.

But for now, I chose to focus on hope.