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Sunday, September 18, 2011

“Don't let a single day go by without writing. Even if it's garbage, if garbage is all you can write, write it. Garbage eventually becomes compost with a little treatment.”—unknown

If I approach my writing time with discipline, determined to write no matter how wooden or bland it feels, I often discover that, as I’ve been plopping words on the page without enthusiasm, an idea emerges that I had no idea was lingering in the back of my mind. Rather like one of Rorschach’s inkblots, the image may be merely a suggestion, I may have to squint and tilt my head to the side, but hey – it sure does look like an idea worth following.

Remember, no word is wasted effort. Some words grow into ideas, some are mere fertilizer, but even fertilizer serves a purpose.

“Nora Roberts says ‘you can fix anything but a blank page’ and that’s absolutely true. If you spend a day writing crap, you can fix it. If you spend a day not writing, you’ve got nothing”.—Eve Ackerman

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