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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We interrupt this program for an urgent announcement....

I am sharing this for my friend, Sonia Todd. The post below was written by her husband, Brian. Please, if you know of any clinical trial cancer treatment centers, please let them know.

If anyone knows of a phase 3 clinical trial for small cell cancer treatment please let me know. As you know, my wife Sonia has cancer. The chemo and radiation were not successful and it is now in her liver. There is nothing more the local cancer treatment center can do for us and they have given her 6 months.
Her doctor said that her best bet would be to find a center doing a phase 3 clinical study and that she would be a great candidate because of her health (other than cancer) and age.
So, if any of you know anyone involved in cancer research please ask them for me. Six months is not enough.

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