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Monday, May 12, 2008

weekly writing prompt - under the weather

Did you ever notice that when you read a book, most of the time the main characters are in great health? No one is struggling to breathe through a cold or think through a migraine. Sure, you get the idiotic heroine who runs in high heels and twists her ankle, but you know as soon as she goes down either the monster is going to devour her or the romantic hero is going to rescue her. Either way, she's not dealing with pain.
But writing a character who's trying to overcome some health issue can add a very enriching layer to a scene. So for this week's exercise, write a scene in which your focal charater has to overcome or work through some temporary physical handicap in order to accomplish his/her scene goal. A headache at a charity funding meeting, broken toes at a dance competition final... be creative : )
Got it? Good! Get writing!!
p.s. No need for you to write a heroine who tries to post to her blog during a bout of stomach virus. I can tell you from first hand experience, it's just not possible and won't make for enjoyable fiction ; )


Ginger Calem said...

Oooh, I like this exercise. We can all relate to trying to get things done or achieve goals through life-struggles. What a great way to make our main characters more authentic.

Going to apply this one today!

Thanks, Jen.
(Oh and sorry about the stomach crud.)

Monica E. Spence said...

Great Idea!
My books have illness and death throughout. Hey, it is historical fiction. The main character looses his first love after a very messy childbirth. Gotta love the Renaissance.

Ginger Calem said...

Good point about the Renaissance, Monica. I've always said I'd love to have been part of the Renaissance or Victorian age. All those fabulous clothes...having tea in the drawing room...handsome rogues to sweep me off my feet. BUT--I'd have to not know about plumbing, regurlar bathing and epidurals. So basically, the entire concept is now ruined. LOL!