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Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekly Writing Prompt

You've got two choices this week : )

For those of you "serious" about your writing, doing the query and submit thing, waiting for The Call, make yourself a character... and write your launch party. Invite other characters to join you -- maybe all the characters you've created over the years! Write the joy of the launch party of your first - or next! - book.

For those of you writing for the sheer joy of it with no current business plans, I'm going to give a one word prompt. With that one word in mind, write a short piece or scene (or poem, whatever gets the pen rolling) which features your wip characters or characters created for the purpose of this exercises (or no characters if you're writing a poem, I guess. I don't write poems. I guess it shows *s). All clear? Okay. Your word for this week is picnic.

Got it? Good! Get writing!

Feel free to leave a comment letting us know if this exercise helped get your creativity in motion and/or helped you visualize your success.

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