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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pushing Back the Finish Line

After reading Ginger's post and thinking about reaching goals, I realized I had more to say on the subject, so here I am.

I was doing an interview the other day and one of the questions asked about when I first felt I'd made it into the published authors' club. I had to think about that one. DBL is my fourth book to come out, I still have this kind of outside-looking-in mentality. Once the goal was just to get a book published. Now I worry if that book doesn't make lists or get nominated for awards. There's always something. Some further goal to reach before I can really feel like I've "made it."

Ginger's words made me stop and think about how we are so reluctant to give ourselves credit for accomplishing something. How we always feel there has to be more. Claire Mysko, author of You're Amazing! asked the readers on my blog a while back to post about what made them amazing. The answers were largely hesitant and apologetic - as if we don't have a right to look at ourselves and say, "Damn! I'm good!"

So here's my resolution... From here on out, I'm going to celebrate and reward myself for every accomplishment, no matter how small. I'll keep pushing back the finish line and reaching for more, but I will be proud of how far I've come instead of how far I have left to go.

Thanks, Ginger!

1 comment:

Ginger said...

Linda...I love hearing that you're going to reward yourself. You're worth it and your hard work should be recognized. You'll have to share with us some of the rewards you give yourself along the way.