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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reward yourself!!

Everyone loves a prize right? I mean, who doesn’t love to be rewarded for their accomplishments or hitting milestones? I know I do. Do any of you reward yourself for your writing accomplishments? You should! There are many big moments on this crazy writing journey. It’s so often long and arduous, it's important to give yourself kudos along the way. It helps to keep you going.

For instance, a milestone could be either winning or being a finalist in a writing contest. (Maybe even entering in the first place is something to acknowledge if that was a huge step for you.) Obviously finishing a novel deserves recognition. What about taking that big step and submitting your work to agents in hopes that they will fall in love with your work? Landing an agent—said agent selling your work—holding your published book?

Each of us will have different things that are momentous and meaningful. And you don't have to reward for everything so that the 'biggies' aren't as meaningful. Choose the things that are truly a 'big moment' for you. When I was a finalist in a large contest, I bought myself a silver bracelet. When I finished my first novel, I was supposed to treat myself to a really good quality, shee-shee-poo-poo, pen. (I still need to do this!) It’s like getting a recognition pin or plaque at work. Or a bonus after finishing a project. You deserve to reward your own accomplishments.

You are your own boss. Don’t forget to recognize your employee’s hard work and triumphs.

So, tell us how you have rewarded yourself for your writing milestones. Or if you haven’t yet…how will you?


Julie O'Connell said...

No rewards for me yet. When I made the final cut in a contest, I just screamed and e-mailed everyone I knew. When I finished my first book, I sat and stared at the computer. I didn't even tell anyone for a couple of days. When I sent out twenty or so queries, I kept my fingers crossed that they wouldn't all be rejections. Still crossing fingers... *g*

I think I'll be convinced that I'm not wasting my time when (or if) I can persuade an agent to take a chance on me. It'll give me a huge boost and I'll probably do something - maybe spend three whole dollars at the Value Menu! Go crazy!!

Gerb said...

When I am pushing toward a deadline, I don't have time for about anything else, so the carrot at the end of my stick is getting to sit down with a book again. I may even keep the book on my desk so that I know what's waiting for me. I reward myself when I reach a goal by reading, eating good dark chocolate, not doing anything around the house and being a bum for a day. Then it's on to the next goal.