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Saturday, January 07, 2012


As the first week of the new year closes, I have to confess I have not been able to walk my talk. I had great intentions last week of catching up, but the best laid plans yadda yadda yadda. The further I got behind the guiltier I felt and the harder it was to make myself write. So I asked myself, "Self, what would you tell someone in your situation?" and then, in the spirit of how I renewed my intention to blog every day last September, I asked myself "What would Debbie tell you to do?"

I'm pretty sure Debbie would tell me to remember my purpose—write every day—and redesign how that looks for me. The quote of the day is a good plan and I want to continue writing my quotes (just maybe not every day), but I plan to broaden my scope and include other topics which ultimately translate into how I'm facing the page.

With that in mind, I have decided to participate in the WritersButt project. The idea is that a healthier, more active body leads to a more creative mind. Since I was already planning to shift the family menu in a healthier direction, WritersButt comes along at a perfect time. I was originally excited about WritersButt because Ginger and Linda are long time friends of mine and fellow writers, and I knew lots of people would be excited about WritersButt.

When I read Ginger's initial blog post/challenge, I was even more excited—It wasn't a huge challenge I would have to gear up for and grit my teeth to do. It was something even time-challenged too-busy me could manage. You can read the rest of the details here: WritersButt.

Ginger plans to post a new WritersButt blog each Wednesday with more challenges, recipes, fitness ideas—all designed to be eensy weensy baby steps toward a healthier new me. You can follow on Facebook and on Twitter using the hashtag #writersbutt.

Off to drink some water now . . .

1 comment:

Ginger Calem said...

Barb, just saw this! Thanks for the shout out. Linda and I are so excited about WritersButt and hope it helps many people realize that incorporating fitness into their routines will result in not only feeling healthier but also boost their creative endeavors as well.

Thanks for participating. Tomorrow is a new post! :)