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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Burn

In keeping with the idea that the principles of The Secret utilize positive thinking, and because we begin our Secret Experiment on 3/15, we chose 3/14 for "a burn". So what is this burn? Well, it's a shorthand title for starters - and we've lost track of what the official name is, but the theory and practice doesn't change. A burn is done to banish / release / destroy negative thought. And it is very simply accomplished...

Take a few moments of quiet time - really quiet. Sit with a piece of paper and a pen, and for those few moments "listen" to the negative thoughts invading your conscience. When we burn, our focus is on our writing. So the negative thoughts that might intrude can range from "you can't spell for crap" to "you'll never bepublished". A lot of negative thoughts that could be applied to any daily obstacle - not just writing - may come up, too. These are often along the lines of "you don't deserve success" and "pursuing your dream is selfish". And remember, this is just you and a piece of paper. No matter how absurd the thought, no matter how much your logic brain might try to argue (it might say tostop being ridiculous, pursuing a dream isn't selfish!) that negative thought belongs on the paper. Write it down. No one is going to see this list but you. Go to town with it. Write down every negative thought the voice of self-doubt is shouting /saying / whispering / insinuating.

Once the list is complete take a deep breath, a box of matches, and a fireproof container : ) I use a metal ashtray for this part of the exercise - a hibachi or fireplace of course works even better - and I keep my fire extinguisher close to hand because I have, in the past, been known to set fire to Thanksgiving dinner and my clothing, so I err on the side of caution. Take the piece of paper in hand and reduce it (tear it or use scissors to cut it) to whatever size is needed to fit it into your fireproof container. For an ashtray, make little pieces. For a fireplace, one tear might do. Whichever the case, as you tear or cut the paper, be very conscious of the idea that you have taken the first step toward destroying negative thoughts, the first step toward exerting your power over them. And once you've taken that first step and dropped that list into the fire pit, light it up. Let the heat of the fire consume and destroy the negative concepts that are holding you back from your success. Watch the negativity be reduced to ash and smoke, watch the smoke rise and dissipate to nothingness, watch the self-doubt that was keeping you from success fade and vanish.

And as the fire sputters out and you're left with a pile of ash, you'll be amazed athow good you feel. You've let go of the negativity and made space in your consciousness to allow the positive thoughts to rule.

Try it for yourself. Just remember to keep the fire extinguisher handy...


Nicole said...

I love doing this. It is really a wonderfully physical way to rid yourself of negativity and bad habits.

Mine created quite a little fire and quite a little mess!

Ginger Calem said...

This was our secend 'burn' as a group and like the first time, I found it so cleansing. I love visually watching the negativity that invades my thoughts literally be destroyed and disappear.

This is why I think burning the paper is better than just tearing it up or shredding it. It literally turns to ash and is GONE. I also love to rip it up before I set it on fire because that's a physical destruction by my own hands. All very cathartic (and fun!) me. *s*

Gerb said...

I'd just like to add that because of the make-up of our group, we had a continuous burn going on. I started, being in Japan, followed by Jen and Barb in the Eastern time zone, Ginger in the Central time zone and Nicole, the new resident of the Pacific time zone. :)

I should also add that this step was kind of our own thing to 'cleanse' ourselves before beginning The Secret Experiment.

That could be key to making the experiment work. I.e., individualizing the experience and adding what is meaningful for you. (By all means, don't leave anything OUT.)

Gene Sullivan said...

"you can't spell for crap" to "you'll never bepublished".

Or how about "I'm really bad at spacing?"

Just kidding, Jen.
How've you been?