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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Have you heard of The Secret?

It started like this....

Gerb sent us all an email asking if we'd heard of The Secret and the phenomena surrounding it. As is the way of things, I found the arrival of the mail to be pretty amusing, as just a few nights before, friends of mine had left the DVD at my house, encouraging me to watch it. But in the email, Gerb proposed what would very shortly come to be known as The Secret Experiment. She suggested we try applying the principles of The Secret to our writing lives...

(see comments for more...)


Ginger Calem said...

Yes and after Gerb brought up the topic and Jen mentioned she had the movie, my MIL mentions the book out of the blue and comments on how she and FIL have read it, etc. One day I know nothing of this 'Secret' and now...well you know how those things go.

So we as a writing/critique group have decided to put the Secret to the test, so to speak, and apply its principals directly to our writing goals and share our experiences here on our blog.

Cool huh?

Nicole said...

When you start to look for synchronicity in the world, it's amazing what opens up. Before Gerb first mentioned The Secret, I had attended a session with a group called Inner Knowing which is much the same thing. And after Gerb mentioned The Secret, several other people in my life mentioned it to me too! Synchronicity, man!

Very excited to see what happens in our month-long experiment. I'll be posting soon about my experience with it already!

Gerb said...

I have to be honest - I don't find the principles of The Secret to be secret at all, but I do admire the marketing and packaging of said principles. I mean, come on. We're writers here, yes? Would we all not love to find a way to sell millions of copies of our work?

Cynicism aside, I thought, why not put this to the test? There's a reason that maintaining a positive attitude keeps coming up in self-help books. Why not give this latest incarnation a shot and see what it can do for our writing? It can't hurt, right?

I hope you will join us on our journey and add to the discussion as we embark on The Secret Experiment!

Jennifer McAndrews said...

Well that's exactly it. There is nothing new about this. These aren't new concepts, just a new way of presenting them. And when we talked about doing this experiment, it became really clear that we were each going to bring our own beliefs and practices to this, each put our own individual spin on it, and that would be okay. As long as we keep the basics in mind - gratitude, positive thought, positive action - the Secret experiment should fold seamlessly into each of our existing belief systems (and, wildly, they are all different *bg*). Maybe that makes it an even more interesting Experiment? I'm certainly eager to see where we can go with it. And what's the worst that could happen? I drain two more Bic pens of ink and learn to be more grateful in my day-to-day life.... Strikes me as a pretty good trade off.